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1 Jul 2017

Who Needs Long Life Light Bulbs?


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Posted By Nina B.

We all have somewhere in our home that is inaccessible, but needs a light source and this is where you should consider using long life light bulbs. They cost a bit more, but if you have to move furniture and balance precariously on a plank suspended between two ladders to change a particular light bulb you are better off spending the extra money and using long life light bulbs in that particular spot. The less you have to change that bulb the less chance there is of you having a nasty accident whilst changing it.

Long life light bulbs are also a good option for businesses because using them considerably reduces how often you have to have a maintenance team in to clean your light fittings and change the bulbs. Plus, of course, there is less disruption to your workforce, which on a factory floor that has a production line running 24/7 can be quite important.

Types of Long Life Light Bulbs

There is a wide array of long life light bulbs available including traditional GLS bulbs, golf ball or candle shape bulbs and long life reflector bulbs. The lifespan of long life light bulbs varies from 5,000 to 15,000 hours depending on the type of bulb you buy, its wattage, and how much you pay. They are available from 25 to 100 watts, with the reflector lights having the longest life spans and being available in the highest wattages.

Most energy saving light bulbs have a life of 6,000 to 15,000 hours so they are a good option for those hard to reach places. However, some people believe that the level of light they give off fades over time.

Buying Long Life Light Bulbs

The best place to find long life light bulbs is online. The search term 'long life light bulbs' tends to bring back a lot of options, so use the search term 'extra long life light bulbs' to narrow down your search to a more manageable number of sites. Check how many hours each bulb is designed to be used for.


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