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TCP 60 Watt Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulbs, Non-Dimmable, Soft White (6 Pack)

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Manufacturer TCP
Brand TCP
Color white
Model LA1027KND6
UPC 608560476060
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5 Jul 2017
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Kitchen lighting can define a practical work space

The kitchen can often be the busiest room in a household and with so many people using it for many different tasks it is essential to have a kitchen that is a practical workspace.

19 Jul 2017

LED Growing Lights

Gardening is one of the favorite pastimes of people around the world, and many people start their own gardens or greenhouses in their backyard.

1 Jul 2017

Who Needs Long Life Light Bulbs?

We all have somewhere in our home that is inaccessible, but needs a light source and this is where you should consider using long life light bulbs.

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